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Help with an Aya/Yohji fic, please? [May. 20th, 2014|03:42 pm]

Hey all,

I am looking for a fic I cannot remember the name or author of. I believe it is Aya/Yohji. I remember a scene where Yohji is playing 20 questions with Aya...in the flower shop...I think. (It is NOT the story Aya?). Yohji is trying to get Aya a date I think, he asks Aya something along the lines of "male or female?"(for preference) and Aya responds "Male". I think Yohji then sets him up with a friend of his or an ex. Aya and the other guy hit it off pretty well, having reading and music tastes in common. I don't think the relationship lasts for too long though. I could be mixing up a few stories, but I distinctly remember Yohji playing get-to-know-more-about-Aya, I just am not sure to what ends. If I remember correctly, it had Aya portrayed as driven, reserved and shy more than Emo Ice Prince, and Yohji as friendly but not overly slutty.

Any help would be appreciated, this has been buzzing around in my head for a week now.

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Fic search: Aya undercover as a hooker/ Yohji poses as a client [Nov. 4th, 2013|01:44 pm]

Hi Eveyone!

I know this groups has been quite quiet for a while, but today I woke up with a craving to read one particular Yohji/Aya fic and since it has been years since I read it I can't find it. Can anyone recognise it and point me in the right direction.

I don't remember the whole fic but I do remember a scence very vividly. I don't remember if Aya/Yohji was established before it or not but basically

Aya was forced to go undercover as a Geisha/Prostitute and Yohi posed as his client to exchange information/take out the target together. I think the room where Aya worked was bugged or something.

Aya basically lost his professionalism in the room, something had set him really off and he wasn't thinking straight, so when Yohji came in to the room to pretend to be a client and imitate sex with Aya so it would look real, Aya basically switched positions under the blankets during the fake sex and fucked Yohji for real. Yohji couldn't stop him because then their covers would be blown. For the potential in the room bugs/cameras it looked like Aya was getting fucked, while in reality things were quite different. It was a hidden top/seme Aya scence.

After the sex they went off to kill the intended target or complete the mission. Yohji was really pissed off because of the unprofessional behaviour Aya had and the surprise sex. I think he later demanded his due from Aya.

Ring any bells for anyone?
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Fic Search! [Mar. 21st, 2012|12:45 pm]

Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone could help me find a fic. All I remember about it is that it is an Aya/Yohji fic that involves Yohji being self-destructive and Aya taking away his car. I think Yohji also is having trouble sleeping, partly due to the fact that he can always hear his neighbors having sex? Kind of vague, I know, but I am desperate to find it and I would be so appreciative of any help you guys can toss my way. Thanks!!
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Twenty-twenty [Mar. 3rd, 2012|01:34 am]

Title: Twenty-twenty
Author: [info]sederhana
Timeline: Weiß kreuz (After Kapitel, before, during and after Glühen)
Characters/pairings: Aya/Yoji
Rating: R

Bad news could wait

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looking for an aya/yohji w/chloe fic [Oct. 5th, 2011|04:35 pm]

I'm looking for an Aya/Yohji (and, okay, Chloe) fic, no title, no author (helpful, huh). I do remember some plot, though: Aya keeps contact with amnesiac Yohji via the internet. The last message he gets from Yohji is that Asuka is dead, and shows up at Yohji's doorstep, a jealous Chloe not far behind.

Anyone have an idea what, who, where I can find it? It would be much appreciated!
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Looking for an Aya/Yohji fic [Oct. 30th, 2010|10:34 pm]


I'm looking for an Aya/Yohji fic that was on Mediaminer. I may have been called "Red" but I think the name had been changed. All I remember is Yohji is badly hurt in a blast, burns his hands badly, brakes a wrist, sprains his ankle. Aya freaks out and all but has a breakdown. He sleeps next to Yohji's bed until he wakes up. Yohji plays jazz music and Aya really likes it. They start giving each other flows that have meanings. Yohji's has a big long list of flowers for Aya and when Aya totals them up he adds in a fork lift rental fee, jokingly.

That's all I remember. Does it tickle anyones memory?


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Amnesia Chapter 14 [Jul. 23rd, 2010|12:36 pm]

It seems I'm on a roll! Amnesia Chapter 14 is now up!

Please check it out!


For those of you new to my story, I understand that the length of it and mystery of what it's about may turn you off. So I have a deal for you: Just read the first chapter, maybe even the second. If you don't like it, you don't have to commit. I'm not for everyone after all, haha.

Also: please heed the warnings on the story!

crosspost [wb_yaoi]
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AMNESIA UPDATE! [Jul. 21st, 2010|08:25 pm]

Hey all! It's been a while and I'm sure a few of you were beginning to wonder if I was dead or not. Well I have double good news! Not only am I not dead but I'm returning to you with a brand new update to my fanfic Amnesia.

I have no idea if I'm still any good at all in writing and I'm not sure if this chapter has disrupted the flow or is lackluster in comparison to the rest, but give it a go if you would :)

Let me know how you like it!


crosspost to [wb_yaoi]
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Distraction - Chapter 28 - A Hard Rain - A Weiss Kreuz WIP [May. 1st, 2010|11:22 pm]

 Pairing: Aya/Yohji
Rating: M
Warnings: Angst, adult situations, a bit of colorful language, violence, and yaoi. 
Description: It all starts with a mission that’s goes wrong and spirals out from there.
This chapter: An unexpected complication on a mission.
AN: This is two firsts for me; my first Weiss Kreuz and my first yaoi. Here's to hoping I get it right.
Link is to my LJ. X-posted.
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